Fears that we all have.
Fears of people who donít understand.
They fear us, you and me.
But no-one has a explanation why.

Fears of spiders and bugs.
Fears of heights and depth.
They fear the dead.
They fear us.

The fear of reality.
People who arenít like other.
But no-one knows why they fear.
Why they fear those things.

They ask other íwhat do you do?í
The other doesnít know the answer.
ĎCause they fear the same thing.
That their daughter or son will turn out the same.

But why donít they want their kids to be happy?
Itís just a normal life.
Itís just normal love.
Itís just a normal heartbreak.

They fear you and me.
They fear all the things that isnít Ďnormalí
But tell me, what the hell is normal?
Normal, things that people are used to.

So this is obviously not what they are used to.
But I donít care.
I just want to be here.
Be with the 1 I love.

Achtergrond informatie

elke dag sta ik face to face met discriminatie omdat ik (als vrouw zijnde) van een andere vrouw houd. maar wat zij niet begrijpen is dat het allemaal normaal is. we zijn allemaal hetzelfde. we zijn allemaal roze vanbinnen!

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