The chain

Alone again for i have always been this way..
no one was there to take care of me ,and this i can only say..

No father no mother for they were never around,no family at myside..
I was left alone along time ago,no one just me and an angel to guide..

Guide me through this world,im left so alone,now wicth road shall I now turn..?.
For i did not get the greatst start,it was a hard hard life,now what have I just learned...

I learned that its not easy,and no one can understand..
this lonelyniss i have known through my life, without a helping hand..

alone in the dark,alone at last,alone in love I been and did it all before...
Now my love I told him to leave,cause I wanted to be alone,cause i could not take it anymore....

Alone again has became my friend,,even though he is causing me all this pain.

It became my life without asking,and never wanting
it now became my chain....