swimming seeds of the thrill...
wanting to penatrate for the kill

neurotic pretentious fishtail wannabe
all your goin to be is your parents test monkey

foetus first nursing blow job
comes from his father helmet headed knob

gliding out of a mothers inadequate womb
a embryo fuck shoots out of a depressed room

throbbing fallus had no choise
the unfinished creature already has a voice

sixty nine sixty nine sixty nice
please shove it back with precise

oral dick dunk, sunk to the max
drill the sergeant to a relieving climax

my shiney wet cranky wrinkled grape
looks like a modified disfigured landscape

stick of dick in a uprise to fullsize
this disformed skin flute attracts horse flies

grind the tool get on a joy ride
open the door to slit it down the backside

sandwitched layers with cum and cream
horizontal refreshment never felt so supreme

duplicate and lick each others arses
so everybody will slide down easily and come in masses

third leg ready to produce
shut down the factory this human race has no use

started with a first breath
the first breath on its way to death