What am I feeling, I can't breathe in
Why does this scar's still bleeding?
My dad always tells me what to do and is forbidding to see Andrew
My mom always makes me weak, I don't dare to speak
The truth, oh the truth is hiding somewhere inside this family
I hate them, all of them, I know this sound beastly
But this is real and bloody
Too much pain we've been through, too much is seen
There was no rescue, too much i've been
No help is wanted, this sickness is about to end here
My father's dieing inside his heartlessness, my mom's drowning in beer
Brothers, sisters, where are you, where have you gone?
Does this mean you've known this pain all along?
I know now how things can hurt, words are even worse than fists
Is that the reason why you all cried and she tried to cut her wrists?
is there any chance to end this curse without being cut
I always tried to help my family, but there was always "no but!"
My sight is cloudy, someone must be here, right? right?
someone must be here to take them away from me
I've had enough

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