to These who are fucked over by some
fist fuck them in a arse spasm

torn and ripped bleeding like a hammerage
screem little bitch in a priveliged twitch

not to be mistaken little sissy boy
your skin defleshed for me to enjoy

worn like a oversided second layer coat
drippin throphey head slith by the throat

gutted open like a pig of detest
puncturing open sores burst in protest

im the messias of putrid perversity
choke on revolt of the impure audacity

gag reflex due to a repellent stench
tasting oily vomit humidity to drench

splatterd insides of infected organ remains
trampled down smeered out into my vains

rippled skin cut by the butchers knife
thats what u deserved you utter low life

ur pulseless corpse rottens in the dirt
decave of flesh revealing your despered effort

full of hate went of in rage
i fucked u up in a rampage

sun of a bitch moaning for mercy
your cock for dinner is what i forsee

in full aware slized in little pieces
while you are forced to eat my faeces

tears in your eyes of full revulsion
tasting ur own bile in pure caution