Love & Happiness

Normally a nightmare happens while you're asleep.
I am wide awake in a girlfriend left me.
I have to live with this fact every day...over and over.
Every morning I wake up thinking...what am I still doing here?
Is this reality? Is this life? Or is this hell?

Recently I came to the conclusion that this is the hard truth.
I just can't stop thinking about the good times we had.
She's sharing 'our' good times with somebody else now.
Why did she say all those promising things?
She doesn't love me forever, she did want to leave me.
Why the hell did she lie about everything?
Do people change? Or do they just lie about the future?

I think there are not many happy people in this world.
This world is much to cruel to be happy in.
People try to imagine that they are happy and then start to
believe they are.
But I know that's bullshit.
Once I tell them how I think about life, they suddenly are affraid
of my words.
If you're happy then nothing should be able to turn u around,
especcially not words.
This just means they wanna continue living in their dreamworld they
call happiness.
I'll just let them be.

Too bad that I am far to realistic to be in a dreamworld.
I just hope there is something...something that can make me a better
person, something that makes me want to live life to the fullest.
Right now i'm it a fase? or is it forever.
Time will tell me...

Love is a bitch...but on the other hand, what is better than
There are just two sides of the story and you can cry to both of them.
I just want to believe! Believe it could happen again.
And this time for the long run.
This time it should be forever, no more lies.

Just Happiness.

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