Moving on

I want to keep holding you.
that's what i want to do.
Maybe whole my life.
But we'll see that tonight.

I'm so in love with you.
Like a myth taboo.
I want to keep holding on.
Till our love moves on.

Maybe forever, yeah..
Maybe the half of that.
Enough time to shit chat.
About Cats & Maths.

I wanna give you a home.
Please don't leave me alone.
I'm not trying to start wrong.
But we'll see later on

A thousand years of love and pain
Baby think of that please, witcha brain!
I want to keep holding you.
Baby this ain't taboo.

I'm giving my life, yeah.. just for you
Giving all my time
and spending it on making affective rhymes.
Even if i'm not like that.

Maybe that sounds a bit sad.
A bit mad?
Not even close to fiction
Baby, This is non ficiton.

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Freaking emotions :)

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